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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowed under with work

Whilst we wait to find out who won the "guess the time and eye-colour" competition ... you would almost think those two had something better to do with their time ...

It is snowing in London today. The worst in 18 years, says Danielle's cabby, and more set for tomorrow. Most of the tube is down, or severely delayed - not the Victoria Line, strangely - and my office is just about empty. Which is okay for me, because I've taken my shoes and socks off and sequestered a small portable heater that was on a colleague's desk to warm my toecicles, legacy of a mis-step into an icy puddle only metres from my door.

Climate-change is brilliant! Picture it, Britain: a Winter Wonderland for six months of the year, and a humid, tropical oasis for the other six. With resulting destructive and violent storms in between, of course.

The walk this morning was fun. The city is pretty under a layer of the white stuff, but there's not much chance to look up and admire it - eyes down on the treacherous icy foot paths and snow-covered cobblestone lanes, else it's argon over titanium for a bruised and wet behind. And I don't think the few people in the office would appreciate me "dropping trou" and drying my undies on the heater the way I can with wet socks ...

It's warmer, and thicker, than when it snowed in Edinburgh. The wind is icy, but perhaps the built-up office blocks provide more cover against it. Overhead, a grey ceiling looms like an enormous doona (duvet) stuffed with snowflakes, trapping what heat comes from buildings and people and cups of cocoa and warm crumpets. Oh dear, I've made myself hungry.

Do I venture out? It's snowing again now, I can see through the windows, laying down another layer. Think I'll dry my socks first ...


  1. We also heard the news about record snow in London. While the 40+ makes us think we'd love a touch of that., we'll probably change our minds by winter. this week is a pleasant 35+ so as long as we go out before 11am, then retreat to our airconditioned house, the weather is great.
    Dad has a CT scan tomorrow. The oncology has postponed until Friday.
    I'd already organised a day off so I'll still use it. Blue group has their first full day and that will be full on since we have at least three in need of an aide and we only have one aide. I'll makr the most of my carer's day. Dad still hasn't driven so I'm entitled.

  2. Kim Fuentes had 9pm on the Thursday so she wins. Lisa was the next closest at 11pm.( I was next with 1am on the Friday)
    Damien rang to say they've gone home today. Cheryl was having some difficulties with breast feeding so they stayed an extra night, Hopefully that's now being sorted.


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