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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 9 February 2009

a scary weekend

Lisa may be able to add photos of how close the fire came to their house at the weekend. A dreadful lot of fires all over Victoria, with 44 degree heat and high winds. So devastating for all who lost houses and family members. We had a visit from Val and Peter and knew nothing about it until Lisa and the children arrived on Saturday afternoon. So glad we were here for them and they were happy to have the family room (Carolynn even managed to reclaim her old room so she had some privacy and didn't need to listen to Foxie's snores. ) Trinity was Foxie's companion of choice. At 3am he was sleeping on the end of her bed.(made from the couch cushions)Adam stayed initially to water down the house but he calledLisa to collect him as the flames got closer. He asked her to return him (and Manga the dog) about 10pm so he could continue any mopping up. Their power was off for at least 24 hours. Lisa and the children had a cooler night here as we kept the air con on until 3am when the cool change finally came in.We were able to feed everybody by adding more veges as I'd started cooking roast chicken and the frozen dessert was much bigger than we'd needed for just four of us.(There's still a slice left)
Denise and Peter had invited Mum down for tea, but they needed to keep their place damped down as the fire came within a block or so. Mum returned home to watch for embers and have water ready to put any sparks out.
Still no rain but a very welcome cool change today.Hope everyone else is keeping cool and well . Edith and Landon had a much better day to travel on Sunday. Hope they had a good trip and found your place, Damien and Cheryl.

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  1. very glad to hear that everyone is okay. also very good to see everyone on my saturday night (your sunday morning). Skype is a wonderful invention.

    Strangely enough, today we had the radio come to do a piece on Lab in a Lorry. At the end of the segment, the announcer back in the studio commented on my Aussie accent and asked whether I had any family affected by the fires - I mentioned that they were close to you guys but everyone was fine.

    They asked me afterwards if I would do a small clip about the fires - I think they wanted some kind of local-ish tie (they liked the 'on the other side of the world, how are you feeling?' kinda thing). Apparently it was going to be somewhere near the news, but I'll have to wait until it gets online to see if they used it and what they used. Strange really. But I guess it's not THAT common to have someone over here with family as close as you all were to the fires. I'd be happy if the fires didn't come that close again! It is a bit scary - but it'd be scary even if I was in Aus.

    Anyway, glad to hear everyone is okay. Hope the cool change does what it should. And I'll keep trying to send the cold from here - really, I don't need it. :-)

    *big hugz*


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