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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Domain name change

I'm not sure how to do it, but if someone could change the link on the side for me that would be great. Basically the company that had my domain name has sold it to a company who has put US$1000000 on it to buy it. I'm so annoyed! Adam didn't even get an email saying that it was coming up for renewal! So instead we have gone to a different place and registered www.koffeekat.id.au Hopefully Adam will have the site up again quickly so I can keep putting photos on there, and this registry won't resell it on me.

Besides that... well, not much happening here. It was great to catch everyone on Skype last weekend, and mum has said you'll be on there again tonight, so we'll chat then!


  1. Oh, and any reason I can't see any pictures on here?

  2. it sucks when that happens.. it nearly happened with www.daynamason.com - but i think i've got it.. actually.. i'm not really sure.. i should really do something with it. :)


    i've changed the link here (i think)

    i don't know why the images aren't working - damien? glenn? i think they're hosted on their sites, so they'll have to let us know.

    twas good to chat to you guys - it's a shame the time difference is so annoying. i'll try to get up and online my tomorrow morning too.



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