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Monday, 14 January 2008

A White Christmas..

It's about time for an update.. I know there's a few trips I've not mentioned yet.. I'll get to them soon.. *grin*.

huge decorationsChristmas didn't really feel like Christmas this year.. probably a combination of it being cold, no decorations at home (I still don't want to buy too many 'non-essentials' - though I did buy a stick-mixer to make soup today.. but that's another story), no pressies to unwrap (I bought boots from Nana and Mum and Dad They're great! *big hugz*) and we didn't have a real Christmas lunch. Nevertheless, there were sparkly Christmas lights in both Manchester and Budapest, there were some pretty Christmas trees in Budapest (including the one to the right which had HUGE decorations!) and it snowed on Christmas Eve in Budapest so I got to have a white Christmas. *grin*

Budapest was good. I took a LOT of photos, so I've got the Highlights set with 111 photos and the Everything set with 257.. I think I need to cut down the highlights some more. There are comments on most of the photos, so if you view the pics as a slideshow, put the cursor over a photo and click the "i" to see them.

Highlights of the trip:
  • Snow de snow snowSnow the night we arrived - I know this picture looks fake but it's not!
  • Very sweet hot spiced wine (it was mostly white wine - I'd only had hot spiced (mulled) red wine before)
  • Entertaining Hungarian guide who showed us around the Royal Palace and told us good stories
  • The post-Christmas Christmas market (I bought a hat that makes me think of Dr Seuss - blue and black on the top right)
  • Beautiful buildings and churches
Lowlights of the trip:blue
  • "Hungary doesn't do vegetarian" muttered the Concierge when we inquired about where we might go for food on Christmas Eve..
  • Chapped lips and bad skin from the cold (-5 degrees Celcius)
  • There wasn't enough time to see everything.
Overall it was a great trip - lots of fun and definitely somewhere I'll return to... sometime.. (possibly when it's warmer. *grin*)

It was good to hear from everyone and great to see the photos of Aussie Chrissy. *big hugz*

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  1. Hey, your photos are awesome! Man, Hungary has some stunning buildings hey..


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