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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 14 December 2007

Housey house stuff

Today (after a minor freak out with the car and a call to RAA, but that's another story) we picked up the keys to our new house! We took out some stuff, and we'll take out more as well before the removalists arrive (7am tomorrow)

Here's some photos we took while out there... there's not many inside the rooms because really, all the rooms look pretty similar :)

Also, they're not in the photos but Cheryl's friend Bron bought us a couple of garden gnomes! We put one in a clear place, and the other is hidden a bit further back. I think the house really has character, especially that back yard. Plus the second shed is huge! I'm already planning a gym/games room in there ;)

We look forward to all of you visiting, and we'll add some more photos when our rooms actually have furniture in them :)


  1. YAY!!

    Well done you grown ups! Like I said in the sms, I'm looking forward to visiting you next year sometime (not sure when.. maybe around October/November.. I'll let you know).

    Bummer about the electricity - good thing it's summer! I imagine what it would be like here without electricity and I don't like the result (too cold!! and I don't have enough jumpers/blankets/thermals for that!)

    again, YAY!

  2. Damien just got a call to say that they have a new tenant for our old place. They move in on the 19th! So we only have to pay two days extra rent. Yay! The carpet cleaner has just been in, so all I need to do is return the keys and organise to get our bond and then that's it!

    As for the electricity at our new house, it ended up still being connected... so we used it :) We think the meter would have been read when the previous owner left, and hopefully the meter is being read today to start our connection, so basically it's free power... we think ;)

  3. Excellent ;-). We had 12 months free power in Brunswick because they lost us for two years ... and when they finally realised they could only charge for one! Suckers. Enjoy it, I say.

    We're coming with Dayna next year, by the way -- hope there's enough room for everyone ;-D (from the photos there's more than enough ... we've been acclimatising for so long now that I reckon we could just sleep outside. Dee might not agree ...)

  4. There's plenty of room. You can even have a room each, although that does mean one of you will be in the cubby. Whoever gets the cubby automatically gets the sandpit though, so it's popular real estate.


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