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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 24 July 2006

Love the new headers - again!

Thankyou for my b'day wishes.. didn't get up to much. wanted to go away for the weekend (just somewhere close and relaxing) but didn't book it early enough. d'oh! o well.. i'll just plan something for in a month or so. *grin*

I like the updated header - with Big Trin. ;) could you please send me a copy of that one? (i want to start working on a Halloween header - so I bags that one, okay?!) heheh..

hmmm.. what else have i been up to? well.. working.. lots of working.. i keep "acting" in other (more senior) roles.. and for now i'm filling in for Fletch (he's got a position in the parent department for about six months) being the Team Leader for a while (until they run a 'process' for the temporary role).. ahhh.. joys.. ;)

otherwise, i'm trying to go through my stuff and get rid of things.. i've re-organised my kitchen (with some help *grin*) and am getting rid of the purple crockery and cutlery (but i'm keeping the black stuff!).. and going through the lounge may be next.. and then the junk room.. ;) and then i'll have to have a garage sale or something to get rid of everything.. heheh..

anyway.. i'd best go.. i've got another HUGE day tomorrow - got to get the van to work for 7am or thereabouts.. blah!

hope everyone is well (now)..



  1. Glad you had a good birthday. damien, I posted your present and oours so Dayna would get it for her birthday. I wish I could clean up, Dayna. I thought you liked the purple but I guess this is a new life for you so out with the old.Looking forward to your visit.
    Dad is getting tired of the trips to Hay and he'll be glad to finish. Probably two weeks to go.At least we all seem to be well again. This will be a busy weekend with a casserole tea at the Church on Friday,Carolynn's calithenics concert on Saturday and lunch here on Sunday. Carolynn also has the school production of Cinderella on next week. Nana and I will go on Wednesday.
    I guess Glenn and D must be on their holiday. Hope it is fun.

  2. heya dayna, good to hear from you again. I'm happy to send you the new header.. you'll just have to remind me what format you need it in?

  3. hey, i haven't been online for a while and the bandwagon has gone off!!
    ssooooo, dayna.... do you have excess cutlery? we seem to have less forks than everything else... ??? :P
    see you this weekend?

  4. damien - flash.. preferably saved as flash MX (that's what i've got at hom and i think you can save it as an older version)..

    lisa.. cutlery? well, i've got purple-handled stuff.. but i'm not sure it'd go with what you've already got. :) and i was going to sell it with the purple crockery. as a bonus. ;)


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