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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 10 December 2005

Birthday Hangover

Heya Guys
It was my birthday on the 7th which was a Wednesday here! And I was dreading it! I was waiting desperatly for a result on an interview which I have yet to hear about with the potential for 2 interviews! one on the phone and one in person! Well the worst happened! I didnt hear about the interview so I had to attend the two on the day! the first one was a phone interview, I had set aside an hour for it, it was at 2pm and I had another at 4pm. The interview consisted of 2 independent phone calls that went for 1.5 hours! By 2 people! so far for this particular employee I have had 3 technical interviews and 2 HR based interviews! sheesh whats the go! and to make matters worse the taxi was late and the cab company thought I said "place" instead of "street" which means it didnt turn up! so after a complete screw up, I had rang the company for the second interview, they were happy to see me at 4:30pm instead and I had cleared up the mix up with the cab company! So at last at the interview it was fun! the company rocked but I was glad to be on my home! finally! Glenn rocked my world! It was incrediable! in the morning I got a fantastic card! I also got a gaelic necklace and a cashmere scarf! it was fantastic! then in the evening he took me out for dinner and then to a bar that has just opened which we love! unfortunately we over indulged!! I think (even for me) I am going to skip wine for a few days! It was great though! we ended up drinking alot of red and talking to the manager of the bar! I think we got carried away with actually talking with someone different! it was great though, one of the best birthdays ever! :) Glenn I love you baby!

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