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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 5 December 2005



yes, it's been a while since i've posted.. but since the general "hey, Christmas is nearly here" posts are going up, i guess i can post a picture of what i wore to the Q Christmas party.. the theme was Black and White (which meant that most people just turned up in clothes that were one or the other colour.. but i felt that would have been far too easy... *grin*) so here is the anti-dayna.
since the Christmas party, i feel like i've been going flat out.. i've been out for dinner, in for dinner, out for coffee (and sightseeing.. and cake..), watched dvds, gone to more belly-dancing (but i've not practiced at home yet.. oops), had friends over, had a Soiree (reclaiming my house as my own.. and lots of people like your artwork Damien), and more (i'm sure..).

tonight my friend Euan is over (from Perth) and we're going out for pizza with some of my mates, tomorrow night is belly-dancing, wednesday is the DEST family night at Q (so i can buy some cheap stuff from the Q shop) and i'm going out for coffee, thursday i've got an appointment after work and then i'm going to catch up with another old friend, and then Penny and Matt are coming from Melbourne on Friday - for the weekend. *phew*

so i'm definitely keeping busy. hope all is good, and i'll see everyone on wednesday 21st december.. except glenn and dee, and hopefully i'll see them next year (possibly august, but i'm still sorting that out).



  1. adam said "i like the anti-dayna"

    that was after he said "what happened there?" :)

  2. i just did this sudoku in 5 mins 34 secs, just wanted to brag :)

  3. Hey, nicely done! Were people freaking out when they saw you?

  4. *grin*
    some people thought i looked like the freaky twins from the Matrix.. others thought i looked like something from the Grudge.. a couple of people said I scared them.. lots of people thought it was funny.. or strange.. or something.. hehehe.. it's good to do something unexpected every now and then.

  5. How cool! Good job on the costume! So doesn't look like you tho! :D


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