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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 6 March 2017

French-Roberts Madhouse

So I decided since mum has been super busy working I'll just post about what I know has been happening for all of us.

Where do I begin, heaps has happened since Christmas, Jared has moved out into his own place (not that you would know from everything left at mums...like a bed for me but Jarrad's dad said he'll pick it up for us this week) He seems to like it, had the family over for his birthday 2 weeks ago and last weekend he had a joint party with a friend for their birthdays. Jared is still working heaps, but they gave him a week off which he enjoyed (I think).

Trin and Daria started grades 6 & 3 this year, and Trin is even on the Junior School Council for the first semester, they change it every semester to give everyone a chance to be a part of it. They're doing well so far and I don't have to walk Daria in anymore so drop off is faster, which works well if mum starts at 9.

Mum has been busy working 4 or 5 days a week, the centre has had a few different directors but they now have a permanent one, hopefully meaning mum's hours will be a bit more consistent and 3 days a week. This week mum is on close 3 days, working 4 days, which just means I feed everyone and mum eats when she gets home. I've been going with mum in the mornings so I can have the car to do the school run and then pick mum up when she finishes.

Jarrad and I have now met the owners of the house we're renting, they seemed nice and just as annoyed at the builder for not having fixed the roof...the agent is following that all up. We were told our mystery tree is apples but it is actually nashi fruit, so I'm slowly picking it but up to the stage of I need to borrow a ladder. We're one step closer to getting Jarrad some help with his knees, he has an appointment today to get a referral to do physio as well as still waiting to hear from the hospital but I don't expect that to be soon. We've also applied to do mediation with his mum, with the hope that things will be better for Jarrad not being in the middle of this and things can be civil, but its now up to her to get back to the mediator so we will see what happens.

Last weekend we went to Ballarat for White Night and stayed with Tamara, Ray and the boys. Adam and his partner and their kids came with us for the walk into see what was happening and our giant group got split up because it was so busy. It was really cool though, some of the buildings had images projected onto them and some of them told stories through movies. They had a giant White Night Messenger whose face changed (it was a bit creepy)


  1. That's great that you've applied to see a mediator. I hope it works out.

    Also hope the knee appointments work out!

  2. Well done Carolynn. Glad to know Jarrad is making progress with his medical issues and hopefully you can sort things out with Suzanne. You probably all need to bite your tongues a bit and not speak before careful consideration.I know your Mum appreciates all the help you give to her.

  3. (Catching up). Wow, sounds like lots is happening!! I hadn't heard of "nuit blanche" before, looked it up on Wikipedia. :-) Did your roof get fixed yet?


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