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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Truscott Tellings

We had an awesome school holidays. The middle of the holidays we were house/pet sitting for Pat & Bree while they were on holiday, and did lots of shopping while we were there. We spent the first Friday of the holidays at Kryal Castle, I know I loved it...we packed a picnic for lunch and that meant we could spend all day there and do everything they had on. Jarrad was about the only person hurrahing the Black Knight in the jousting. 

Saturday we caught the train to Melbourne to go to the Jurassic World exhibition. That was awesome too but I liked the Dinosaurs Alive we saw in Adelaide slightly more, probably because it wasn't as crowded. Again we packed a picnic lunch because it was so much easier and bought tea at Spencer St Station. We went to Minotaur while we were there and caught up with Cheryl before heading back to Ballarat.

  As something extra to do on our quiet days we played some D&D, Jarrad's been teaching the girls and I how to play for the last 12ish months and we're tracking down the dude who kidnapped santa and cleaned out an entire theives guild in the process. It was forcast snow in some areas of Ballarat while we were there so our couple of cold and wet days we stayed in and watched Downtown no laughing challenges.
That was about all we got up to in the holidays, mum worked a couple of days and Jared's still working heaps and enjoying it (or at least he's enjoying the money lol)

Jarrad and I have renewed our lease (yay!!) so I was thinking while everyone was here of having a bbq/picnic lunch for mine and mum's birthday :)


  1. I thought I wrote a comment here already but it looks like the interwebs ate it. ;-(

    Great to have an update from you, Carolynn. Sounds like you and Jarred have been pretty busy! It was good that you both could take time off during the school holidays. Bruce and I used to take breaks NOT in school holidays (cheaper and less busy) but we'll have to change that once M goes to day care (you pay by term and don't get refunded if your child misses a week).

    I remember visiting Kryal Castle a very long time ago. I wonder if it would be as impressive to me now (I'm bigger, so it might not seem as large; I've been in other (real) castles; I have higher expectations about visitor experience these days, etc. I.e I think too much now!) :-)

    The dinosaur exhibition sounds like fun, tho the crowds don't. I wonder if that's a Melbourne vs Adelaide thing or a school holiday thing.

    Picnic lunches are so handy! You would not believe the number of times we've been wandering around a strange city, trying to find somewhere to eat! I get grumpy ifi don't get to eat when I'm hungry - just ask Bruce. :-) and that was before breastfeeding - I think I'm likely to be a nightmare now. :-) let's hope we don't find out!

    Happy to hear you've been able to renew the lease. I hope you've got good shade for December. :-) looking forward to catching up then.

    1. The word you're looking for is "Hangry" :)

    2. Yeah, it's definitely HANGRY -- both Dee and I suffer from it too. (In the same way there aught to be a word like CAFFATIGUED -- me, before my first (or second) coffee in the morning).

  2. Kryal Castle!! We're definitely going there when we come to visit. Going to try to do a bunch of tourist stuff. :-)

    BBQ for birthday sounds good too.

  3. Kryal Castle was awesome and the wizard made me think of you Dayna, Jarrad went about 5 years ago and said things had changed like you can't get pics in costumes there anymore. I think it might have been an Adelaide vs Melbourne thing because both trips were in the holidays and the one in Adelaide travelled around.

    Going to make some more shade for December because we don't have much in the backyard and borrow the bbq from mums, probably.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up in December :)

  4. Good idea. Remember the photo session is on the 18th and I thought we'd have lunch here afterwards.( Probably BBQ chicken and rolls.)


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