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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 1 August 2016

Millicent Valenna

I know I've introduced her on hangouts, but let me "formally" introduce the newest member of our family, Millicent Valenna Rogers. She was born at 00:56 on Friday 22nd July 2016, weighing 3.53kg (7lb 12).

She's named after our grandmothers:
- Millicent was B's paternal grandmother (who died when B's dad, John, was only 10 years old). 
- Valenna is a name that B invented, combining Valda (Nana Staley) and Lena (Nana Hicks) (my maternal grandmother and great grandmother - but you probably know that).

As you know, we didn't know whether we were having a little girl or a little boy (most of you guessed correctly). We couldn't quite agree on a boy's name (we'd got it down to three options), but we had Millicent's name all picked out from very early on. Lucky, hey?!
No one guessed the right date for Bub's arrival - but Daria was the closest with a guess of 21st July. Daria, is there any British chocolate or lolly that you'd like?

More than a week down the track and I think I'm finally getting the hang of breastfeeding, although I know there's a long way to go (especially if I want to go out! I couldn't feed in public yet!). 

Lissa still doesn't sleep unless she's being held, but we're going to try to do something about that this week (before B's paternity leave is up!). Thanks Damien & Cheryl for the loan of the hugabub wrap - I wouldn't have had any sleep without it! 

And I think that both Bruce and I are getting better at the little things - changing nappies (which she hates), dressing and undressing her (which she can't stand), and trying to comfort her after doing the previous things many times per day. We haven't given her a bath yet (she had one in the hospital and they said once a week was plenty). Maybe we'll try that tomorrow.

I'll add some photos to this post tomorrow - they're on the tablet (and the camera) and that isn't within easy reaching right now.

*hugz* to all, and Happy Birthday to all of you who celebrate at this time of year. ;-P


  1. So good to read how things are going. Surprised about the bath as we had to give you a bath in hospital before you came home (but that was after a week)I remember having cool boiled water to wash eyes(with cotton wool)Not sure about the not sleeping unless she is being held. She's lucky she is a first. I'm sure she'll settle and maybe try swaddling just while she is little. What do they say about that nowdays?
    Looking forward to photos. I'll show Mum when she is here.

  2. Ann, with swaddling I think it's just swaddle at the top, and keep from the hips down free for movement and growth. Or, that's what they recommended almost 5 years ago!

  3. The wrap is yours to keep, if you'd like to :) Good to hear it has been useful.

    I think they get better with nappy changes etc as they get older and used to it all :)

    Looking forward to some pics :)

  4. Adorable! 😊😍 I love her little elbow dimple (the photo where she's sleeping on the blue pillow). She is too cute!! ☺️ Give her a big cuddle from me!

  5. So good to see the photos. I'll try to catch up on Sunday evening if you are free for a chat. She is adorable and I'm sending hugs and cuddles since we're so far away.
    Mum has gone to Melbourne today for Ryan's birthday so I'll show her next time she is here.

  6. She is a cutie - tho I'm biased. I think it must be evolutionary - easier to forgive an infant who keeps you up all night when she looks cute in the day. :-)

    We've got a baby sleep bag that has poppers are the arms. With the poppers closed it'sa zip-in swaddle. And when she's a bit bigger, we can let her arms out and then it's like the bigger sleep bags. :-) we've also put rolled up towels in the cot to try to make it a bit more cosy (but still safe). Last night she slept there between a few feeds. Tonight she was being fussy and didn't go down at all between 8pm & midnight, but she slept for the last three hours and I've just fed her and am holding her until asleep so I can try to put her down again (if she isn't out of it, she'll wake and cry). I'm quietly optimistic.. but at the moment it takes ages to settle her.
    Ah, the joys. :-)

  7. I've got my fingers crossed for you -- she'll get it eventually, but the sooner the better for the parents!!

    The sleep bag sounds like one we used for Jules, and it worked really well. We also had the non-zippable swaddling bags (lighter weight) which was good for the warmer weather -- never could get him to wear the little mittens "They" recommend as their fingernails grow (they can scratch themselves).

    1. Love the photos! Agree with Cheryl on the sleeping-on-blue -- but I think it's a belly, not a pillow! :-D She's got long fingers!

  8. The blue is a pillow, the white is a belly. ;-)


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