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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cardiff capers

First things first, Bruce's visit with the prince. Ok, he didn't actually meet him but you can see that he got pretty close!

Apparently the day was a little bit frustrating - firstly, it was too windy for the helicopter to land so that delayed proceedings; secondly, the Gala Concert was an opera singer and B didn't enjoy it (especially as they kept stopping after each song because they expected Prince Charles to arrive... And then he didn't.. until it was almost over); thirdly, B had a school workshop to run that afternoon but since everything was delayed, they wouldn't let them onto campus until after Prince Charles had left, which meant a much later workshop and longer workday for B.

B's continued to be busy at work with Summer Schools, workshops, and random events. Whereas after a busy final week for me, I've been at home with my feet up (and occasionally answering emails to finish handover, which I'm happy to say I've done now).

The latest bumpdate is here:

We've had an interesting weekend - Saturday and Sunday nights I had itchy hands and feet, which is one of the things they say to watch out for. After speaking to someone on the phone Sunday morning, they suggested coming in for a blood test. Rather than going home, we headed in to town for lunch, shopping and to wait for results. As with many things on a Sunday, it took longer than expected and we were at home again by the time they phoned to tell me to come back in. We ended up being in the hospital from 5:30pm till 2:45am and most of that was waiting! Turns out a few of my results are off - none of them a huge worry by itself but in combination they point to a pregnancy liver issue and increased risk to bub. So, they're going to induce me.. we just have to wait for a bed. We've been back to the hospital Monday and today (to check on bub) and they'll phone tomorrow to let us know if there's a bed.

Bub is absolutely fine - good heartbeat, lots of movements and apparently "a good size" baby (which I think means on the larger side).

So, it's not how we hoped it would happen but chances are bub will miss out on being a Leo by a few days! And I'm secretly hoping that I don't end up sharing a birthday. :-)

Your turn for news! Give me something to read during the "waiting time"! 


  1. I bet Charles was disappointed not to actually MEET Bruce, but it's still pretty cool.

    Great to hear that bub (and mum) is doing well! Induced! It's happening now! We're thinking of you and wishing for an easy/good/happy birth -- whatever that actually means!

    Glad handover is done and you were able to "relax" (well, as best you can) for a couple of days.

  2. I'm so certain now your bubba will be born on the 22nd. If a baby can mess up your plans in any way they're definitely going to ;) Still, here's hoping you avoid those 24 hours. Either way it's going to be a great birthday present for yourself :)

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  5. Inspired me to go shopping for fleece and flannelette since I'd been avoiding that job. Now I need to sew.I missed this post until 22nd so I wasn't panicking.


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