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Monday, 7 March 2016

Gordon St Geez we need a holiday

I assume by now everyone knows that Ossie and Chez caught chickenpox at just the right time to mess up his planned birthday party and catching up with Dayna and Bruce. Thankfully for all concerned they're over it, and Lil and I have avoided it from the looks of things.

Rescheduling the birthday did allow us to get through another concern - removing all the asbestos-laden sheets around the back yard. It not only encased the shed and part of the carport, it was also used as garden edging and along the back fence for no reason I can see. Oh, and also as part of a somewhat cobbled together workbench as well.

It's gone now, and I've patched up the holes in the shed with shelving I had to tear down to make room for them to remove the asbestos, so at least that's done. Pricey (over a grand for the removal, and another $350 for a clearance certificate) but done. I'll look at getting some cladding for the shed at some point after finances have recovered (Our neighbour it kindly keeping an eye out for "corry" for me as well)

We've now got a couple of free weekends before we hit Ossie's Birthday MkII, followed by Easter (and possibly my Iaido Dojo being in the parade), and then a seminar and grading in Melbourne.. although I've already graded, so I can focus a little more on the admin rather than stressing myself about training.

Free weekends does not mean free weekdays, of course. Here's a bit more about what we've all been up to.

Ossie is keeping up with his swimming (Wednesdays) and Iaido (Saturdays). In both he's improving a lot, although I'm certain in both he needs to listen to his teacher a little more ;) He's considering getting back to soccer (Mondays) as well.

He was getting a bit stressed out about school, and we finally found out why - He's been having trouble finding friends to play with during lunch time. It's not unusual around the start of the year, when classes have been broken up and new friend groups gather.. but he was wandering around school looking for people to play with, and either not finding them or them not wanting to play with him. I do think a part of this was caused by him thinking he didn't need friends outside of Daria, but then Adam (who's attached to Daria at the hip) telling him they didn't like him.. so that left him at a loss. Daria did tell him she would only come to his birthday "for the cake and lollies" so I doubt it's all Adam making decisions there.. but then again this isn't a great time of year for Daria either, so I'm sure there's more going on then just being bored of Os.

Regardless, we spoke to his teacher who is now making sure he sends Ossie out to lunch with somebody, and we've also organised some more play dates with a couple of his friends, and his mood has improved a lot. Hopefully his party helps reconnect him with his old friends as well. Ossie's really good at just playing with anyone, but not so great at putting effort into maintaining friendships.. but I think he's realised he needs to and is building up his own friendship group that isn't so dependant on his cousin ;)

Lily is at kinder (Tuesdays and Fridays) and absolutely loving it. She's so social.. she chats to the teachers, makes heaps of friends, and when she gets home tells us all about it. Apparently she's developing a closer friendship with one girl, so I'll have to ask her who that is. She's so different from Ossie in this sense.. but she also can get very upset if the kids (often complete strangers) that she approaches don't want to play with her. Thankfully that hasn't happened at kinder.

Lil swims as well (also Wednesdays) , and she's started going to a dance class with Cheryl (Mondays). By that I mean she and Cheryl dance together at this class. It's a little more casual than the kids ballet they looked at earlier, but hopefully a stepping stone to more confidence and a willingness to pursue a more formalised dance class when she's older.

On Thursdays she also spends the morning at Edith and Landon's place, no doubt ordering them around and generally being a terrible dictator ;)

Chez continues to go to Pilates, while of course being a full time taxi service for all the kids activities. I don't think she's quite settled into the idea of Tuesdays and Fridays allowing her some free time while both kids are out - there's still too much to catch up on. Seriously, in the next month on Tuesdays Chez has Kinder duty, a car service, and then a Pilates catch up class (from when she had the pox). Friday is Canteen duty, a playschool concert, and then.. a day with nothing on it! Man, the 18th.. that'll be a great day ;) And of course there's all the organising for Ossie's new party.

As for me, apart from Iaido on Tuesdays and Saturdays I do try to get to the gym 2 or three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and of course work. After being booted out of the house for the asbestos removal I've discovered I really like working away from home, so I'm trying to get to the Library once a week as well.. probably Tuesdays. It's a great change in scenery, plus the internet is faster. I've also got the admin for the Iaido grading as I mentioned (working out costs, Shihan's trip itinerary, hotels and the like), and I'm waiting to hear about the procession which will be another level of organisation.

It's better than being bored I suppose ;)

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