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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cleaning up in the shed

I've made a small start and sent you photos in case you want one of Dad's lights or some fishing gear.
When the man comes to collect for the Swap Meet, I'll see how much he'll take then I'll have a run to the  Recycle yard to get rid of more. Probably will hardly make a dint in all that's there, but at least it will be a start.
Today is my first day home this week so I made the most of the gorgeous weather. Mowing done before our trip to Sydney to visit Glenn, Dee and Jules. I can see from the photos how much he has grown.
Minor hiccup that we can't catch a train in Eaglehawk that will get us to Sunbury to catch the bus to the Airport. If Damien and Cheryl agree, we'll drive to their place and leave the car there for the week, then walk to the K Flat station. Auntie Denise hopes to be driving again by then (She's out of action after an op to relieve pressure in her eye , currently looking lie she was in a fight) and if so she could taxi us to the station and, D& C we'd then need a taxi home on the 14th (probably about 6pm).
Dinner at Jojoes for Damien's birthday went well although in taking Nan out of the back door (to avoid the steps down), I forgot to pay our share of the bill so Damien saved the day.
Tuesday we had a fashion parade at the Stadium to raise money for CIKA (to fight children's cancers) and $4700 was raised so a great result. I put up photos Nana took of what I wore on FB. If I do it next year, I'll make sure we have a mirror in our little alcove so I can check the hair and makeup.
Wednesday Nana and I went to Morning melodies at the RSL. A singer and morning tea included and then we stayed for lunch with the War Widows. Wednesday night it was supper night at Castlemaine so more food (always a pav)Tonight it's supper night at Eaglehawk. Clive is working at the races.
No wonder the scales keep an upward trend instead of down.
Looking forward to our visit Glenn and Dee. Must pack swimwear if Jules is going for lessons in the pool. I'll check I have your correct phone numbers and will ring when we get into Sydney. We can get the train from the airport into the City then use the PET to get to your place.After towing a case around cobblestones in Copenhagen, Sydney should be easy as long as we get on the right bus.

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