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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Church St chatter

Did consider waiting until Wednesday so I could be first in October. Where has this year gone?

I've been......dancing. Eaglehawk on Thursday without Clive since he had worked at the Races Wednesday and again at the racetrack on Thursday and Friday. Sat out a few dances.It is so much better to have a partner. On Friday we went to Kyneton, Saturday Majorca (as passengers) and Sunday afternoon again as passengers but with different people.We had a fabulous weekend.  Tonight we'll go to Spring gully. Tomorrow Nana and I are going to a lunch/fashion parade to raise money for Cancer in Kids Association(CIKA). I'm modelling a couple of outfits with hats. I'm yet to see the hats.
Weather has been great mostly. We did have 34mm of rain and my roof leaked severely. Garden was thrilled as it has been very dry. I just watered some tomato seedlings and picked snow peas. I have one tomato plant that survived the winter. I have it in a pot in the fernery and hope it will give me very early tomatoes.Just needs to last through a couple of weeks of me going off on a cruise.
The cruise and planning what to take etc is another thing I've been doing. I have managed to prune the wardrobe a little while looking through my options.. Some to the op shop and some to friends.
This morning I called on Lisa to check out he bunks and the painting. It looks great. Stayed a few hours to help with the lounge cleanup. It was the only time I had. I warned the girls to keep it tidy until I return to check again at the end of October.
Len Thomas may be interested in the Buick. He is bringing a couple of friends to look. If they can't make it Thursday we'll leave it until November as I go away and then he goes away.
Keep up the posts everyone.I love to read what you have been doing.

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