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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Playing in the snow

After a mostly restful night at the hotel, we packed up our luggage and carted it over to The Shire (our head office, two blocks away). It's hot here, positively balmy! So much for Winter.

We had enough time to rustle up a rough lunch snack before our bus left. Well, I say "our bus", but the fact is we didn't HAVE a bus - we weren't even on the list. Somehow I missed the RSVP. Luckily there was spare room, so we bundled ourselves on and hankered down for the four hour ride.

We finally made it to the ski village, after a lot of Giggle and Hoot on the iPad and a terrible meal at In And Out Burger. Another short bus trip from the resort building to check-in, then we were (finally!) ferried to our Inn.

And our room is huge! Older, but still lovely, with a fireplace, little kitchenette and small balcony. Audible sigh of relief, from each of us. We don't unpack so much as unzip the backpack and let it explode all over the room - but no time to spare, as we leg it back to Olympic House for dinner.

Which is when we see the logo - a giant Palantir circle-motif blazing fierce and bright on the side of the mountain. Incredible. We found a seat in the packed hall, and I filled a couple of plates with random buffet food. We ate quickly for Jules' sake, headed home and got him to bed. Then Dee went out for supplies. We sat in front of the fire, watched strange television and drank apple moonshine and wine.

Today we slept in (praise jet lag), then took Jules out for breakfast and a play in the snow. He enjoyed it, I think, but was a bit weirded out by it - crawling along on his stomach, touching the snow lightly with his fingertips, kicking snow drifts. He (and we) tired out pretty quickly, and came home for a lovely long nap.

Pizza for dinner, Inception on telly, bags packed for the journey back to Palo Alto tomorrow. Relaxed!

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