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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's getting scary..

Another quick update from us.

We met with a property agent from Elders. Their percentage was slightly higher (and by slightly I mean a difference of $4 a month) but they have -no fees- apart from that. So we're going with them. They're keen to get the house on the market ASAP, so on Tuesday they'll be dropping around to take photos. Lots of cleaning up and hiding to do before then.. especially the yard. Our hope is to get $320 per week, which would give us around the $285 a week (minus maintenance). $310 would give us $275 so still okay.

Shaun has awesomely agreed to rent us his place for $280 instead of $300, so that works well.

We've also locked in our moving date - the removalist is arriving on Monday 4th Feb. We'll load them up, and probably stay another day at home to clean up and everything before heading to Bendigo.  We'll organise family to meet the truck in Bendigo for us. Yay for family :)

My goal is to have the maintenance-y type things sorted by the end of November, which lets us focus on packing and cleaning. Some of that is stuff I can do (painting, mowing) and others we'll need to get someone in for (the dishwasher, power box, shutters). I'm not sure we'll get there, but it's the goal.

So that's 13 weeks left. Minus the week we take off over Christmas.

Yeah. Getting scary.


  1. After a very busy weekend of cleaning, tidying, painting, mowing and weeding we had the photos taken by the real estate agent today! The entire house was pretty much out of bounds to the kids until after the photos ;) Now we have paperwork to fill in and all going well the house will be online tomorrow! :) So far I'm very pleased with our choice of agent. Everything has been straight forward and despite the hard manual labour it has also been easy :)
    So now we'll be onto more packing and maintaining a certain level of tidiness. Easy! ;)
    And one of the really good things about a clean kitchen... baking! Damien & I now have some treats to take into work tomorrow :)

  2. The house is online!
    We didn't want to post it on facebook, so I'll put the link here for family to look at :)

  3. hey guys,

    sounds like you're keeping very busy with all the housey stuff. But judging by fb you're still managing to find time for fun stuff. :-)

    will be great to see you all in a month and a bit.

  4. Just checked out the ad. It says pets are OK but also no pets. Keeping options open? The photos are great and the place looks very tidy. You might have to do mine when you come here. Love from your dancing Mum and Nanny.


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