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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My first week in Wales

I can't believe a week has gone by already. This afternoon the weather looks more promising and we're planning to visit Bath and Stonehenge this weekend.
My first visit to Cardiff and the Queen just happened to be visiting on Thursday. Wonder if she ask me in for tea if we get to London?
Dayna and I had a lovely day in Cardiff on Saturday, including Cardiff Castle over the afternoon. Not sure I'm confident I can find my way around, but I'm getting better. My first purchase other than a couple of souvenirs and postcards was a pair of shoes.  (red suede look and very cheap) Dayna found the charity shops for me (but that wasn't where I found the shoes) Despite what tamara said, prices here aren't super cheap.Saturday evening we went to a workmates of Dayna's for dinner. Bruce and a couple of mates had a weekend away and we got to keep the car. I don't think they had a native English person there.
Sunday's planned visit to an open air museum was cancelled due to much rain and wind. We'll get there eventually.
Today both D & B have gone off to work leaving me to play and catch up on the Bandwagon as well as checking some accommodation ideas for Saturday night. Been wonderful to be able to chat on Skype with everyone. I check in most mornings here and Denise had Nana up on Saturday so we could see her.
I'm enjoying being part of Dayna's life here and hope they won't get tired of me. Love to all of you on the other side of the world. see you on Skype soon.
Glenn and Dee, Lisa and Adam paid a courier to get your fridge shifted to their place. Thank you for the loan.


  1. Yes, thank you Glenn and Dee, much appreciated :) We lived out of an esky for a couple of days while we decided what we were going to do, what fun LOL
    Glad you're enjoying your holiday mum. I had to laugh about you buying shoes, I was so sure you'd come home with new ones LOL

  2. We didn't get sick of you at all! I actually feel like I needed an extra couple of weeks so I could do more stuff with you (and not just leave you in strange cities to fend for yourself!).

    *big hugz*


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