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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Finally a Madhouse update.

Of course I mean the French-Roberts Madhouse. Where do I start?

Our youngest perhaps. Last Wednesday afternoon we decided to head to the marketplace for a look around. I was carrying Daria through a little shop and a large pottery vase with plastic leafy decorative stems fell from the top shelf as we passed. Luckily the vase missed us both (I'm not sure what brushed my wrist on the way down, but that and the noise made me step back and cuddle Daria in to me) Something lighter hit Daria, probably the stems as it would've scratched her head and made it bleed a little, and as we stood there with her crying hysterically a bump appeared on her forehead. The other side to where she had to have glued (I don't think I posted about that, hope everyone caught up with it over the Easter holidays) The guy that approached us didn't seem to know what to do, Adam joined us and asked what should be done in this situation and the guy said "What do you want me to do". So we left and went looking for Centre Management - do you think they are in the same area? No, after 2 shop owners had no idea we went to Big W and finally got some helpful advice. It was almost 5.30pm, Centre Man would be shut anyway, but it's down the road. Instead we could find a security guard and report it, if we found a cleaner first they can call security. That's what we did, headed to the food court where we knew we'd find a cleaner, and had a guard come to us. He was really helpful and took down an incident report, he tried to see the shop but it had closed.

The next day we got a call from the shop owner. She was really apologetic and said when she'd been told what had happened she asked about a report and didn't know we'd given one until security started work at 12.30pm and had called her to say we'd spoken to the guard. She told us to drop in next time we were there. We made a trip out on Saturday, especially since we hadn't made it in to Big W Wednesday night. She thought I said "Azaria" when I said "Daria", so there was a card and a bag of goodies with a misspelled name, but a nice thought all the same. Daria got a fairy outfit which Trinity fell in love with and wore all Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Daria's fine anyway. We just wanted to make sure the proper procedure had been followed with the incident report and checking that the shop was safe. They still have similar displays, but perhaps the one that fell wasn't as secure on the corner of the shelf - it didn't look very stable in my opinion.

On to Trinity - she's enjoying pre-school. They're doing dinosaurs at the moment, and she often breaks in to song "I LIKE DINOSAURS"... it's very cute. Her favourite sentence seems to be "What are we doing tomorrow?" and "What are we doing the other tomorrow?"

Jared's doing fairly well at ESC. Needs to work on his maths, but his mid year report was good. At least he's not getting in to trouble. One of his friends was suspended Friday for fighting with another student - Damien, remember the "good" kid at the pool?

Carolynn is struggling a little with Cisco lately, but doing well in her other subjects. She's trying to see if she can do work experience in SA but it looks like she needs special permission because it's interstate. The careers teacher is doing what she can but we will let Damien know more when we do. I've taken her out once to drive, it's so hard to find the time. We drove around the carpark at the Schweppes Centre for a bit then on some quiet roads near our house.

I applied for a job last week, waiting to hear if anything comes of it. Other than that there's nothing new with Adam and I. So some photos -

Carolynn was under the dragon Ping at the Easter Parade.

Had to take a photo of Dayna and Bruce waiting for the Parade to start. We sat just outside the Chinese Gardens.

Daria in the Chinese Garden with my umbrella.

Trinity in the Garden. I dressed both little girls in their Chinese outfits for the occasion - or their PJ's as Trinity called them LOL

And finally a photo of Jared. This was actually Easter Sunday in our messy backyard - Jared juggling eggs.


  1. Thanks for the update Lisa.. and the great photos :) I hope Daria is feeling okay, and yeah, I'm glad you were finally able to sort it out with the shop owner. Hopefully they have a chat with the dude who was working there and let them know what the process is for next time.

    I'm glad to hear Jared is doing okay. Hopefully Carolynn can come over for work but don't stress either way. I've checked it with Henry and he's happy to play it by ear. Even if she can't you guys can all come over for a visit at some point :)

    Oh, and good luck with the job! Make sure you let us know how it goes.


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