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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Oscar's first trip to the pool

We have just gotten back from Oscar's first ever trip to the pool! It's been a bit cold and rainy this weekend, but the pools were indoor and heated, so it was quite warm when we got there.

Initially we took him into the baby pool. I'm sure mum and dad can guess his first reaction - he kicked around like he was in the bath :) However after a bit of that I think he realised he was somewhere different, and spent the remainder of the time studying everything he could with a detached expression of mild curiosity.

The pool we went to has these weird mushroom things which rain water down, and he rather enjoyed that. It also has a sea creature which sprays water from it's head and he really tried to grab that water, even though it just made it spray into his face :D

After a bit of a play in both the baby and the kids pool (he was a bit weirded out by floating I think) we changed him, wrapped him up and he instantly fell asleep. He's still asleep now that we're home :)

We didn't take any photos at the actual pool, but there are a few shots of his cute little outfit on flickr and facebook, so check them out :) He looks very tall in that first one..


  1. Great photos, Damien!
    It will be interesting to see how Os goes the next time we take him to the pool. We've been thinking of enrolling him into swimming lessons at the same pool, so it's a good introduction for him.

  2. Sounds like he had fun. He does study things well doesn't he.It's a great idea to get him used to the pool and water. Hope he's a fish like his Dad. Put on those floaties on his arms cause he'll jump in anywhere and kick like mad once he works out the walking thing.

  3. Yeah, I definitely want him to be more like his dad around water than me... I can't really swim at all and still get a bit scared of the water! :) Floaties are a great idea... we'll have to remember to get some

  4. Floaties or those little floating ring things that he can sit in ... great photos, yes!


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