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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Me too!

I'm also coming back to the land of sunshine for a spell.

Hope it's a good spell, one that brings some rain to Australia (but preferrably not when I'm there) and some sunshine to England (preferrably when I'm there).

I'll be arriving in Melbourne on the 1st December and flying out again on the 7th January. I don't get any fancy 5-star hotels or anything but my flight was relatively cheap, so I'm not complaining.

Is there anything that anyone would like me to bring specially from the UK? I plan on bringing my clothes in a carry-on bag and my backpack full of fun things (to be replaced with Aussie fun things for the trip back).

I'm not sure when I'll be where just yet - I have a lot of people I need to catch up with and a limited time to do it. But I plan on being in Bendigo for about 2 of the 4 weeks! Including Christmas. So I can catch up with everyone and do some sewing and find some well-fitting clothes. *grin* Yes, it IS that difficult to find good clothes here that I will fly all the way to Australia to get some. hehehe.

I have a lot more to talk about, but long posts are silly, so that's all from me for now.
*big hugz*
p.s. the photo is from Glenn and Chris' Manchester Adventure at Easter (oops.. it's taken me a while to upload the photos)

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  1. Can't have you with no comments just because I sent an email as a reply. Looking forward to seeing both of my long lost children. If a trip to Adelaide after Christmas would work for you, maybe we could take a drive and Glenn and Danielle. We came home the back way from Damien and Cheryl's so hopefully we can do that in reverse and not even need to get as far as Adelaide.
    Went to watch Carolynn in a Fashion Parade last night with Nana and auntie Denise. We could have organised the parade to be much more viewer friendly (lights and slow down!) but we enjoyed a night out anyway. Lisa and Daria joined us. Carolynn is doing it all again on Wednesday at the Bendigo Senior Secondary College.


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