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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 28 July 2008

Thank you everone and hello again

I know it's been a while - I've had a busy month or two..

Thank you all for your cards and pressies and happy thoughts. I did rather well with booty this year - I bought myself a second-hand wii (and wii fit), my Uni friends gave me Mario Kart Wii (so if you have it too, we can play online!), Mum and Dad sent me some lovely summer tops and a funky table runner that fits perfectly on my table with drop-down sides (that I got for free), Glenn, Dee, Damien and Cheryl got together and today I awoke to a package of magnetic tantrix (it's such a fun game!) and belgian black and white chocolate flakes (apparently good for hot chocolates, desserts, or "Spread butter on a large piece of bread and sprinkle with white and black chocolate flakes. Simply delicious...". I've not tried that yet, but maybe it would be a good dinner. heheh..), I bought some purple shoes with Nana's money (Thanks Nana, they're great!) and Bruce gave me a 3D Labyrinth Puzzle (sounds easy - it's not!) and some mead (yummo).

After being out with the Lab constantly, it's finally the school holidays. This means I'm doing admin stuff for the next couple of weeks. Although I'll have the Lab out again mid-August. It's nice to not have to leave the house between 6am and 6.30am. It also means I have a little bit more time for catching up on things.. and I've just uploaded the photos from the May Bank Holiday Weekend that I spent in London.

Shake it upSo, here are some photos from the BBQ at Glenn and Dee's two months ago. :)

We had a good evening - as you can see here, the boys got the BBQ going. It was burning well.. until Troy shook it and smoked everyone. It was the first time the couch made it out into the back yard (I think). It's good to hear that the couch still gets to be a part of things. Unfortunately, Planty didn't join in the fun that night, but even so, there was enough good food, drink and conversation for it to be fun.

I'm going to leave it here.. and update again when there are more photos. heheh..

*big hugz* to everyone.
And thanks again!


  1. Hey Dayna, thanks for posting those photos.. it's good to see Glenn and Dee.. but we need more photos of you too. Next time make sure you share the camera ;)

  2. Good idea Damien. That's the first we've seen of the London dwelling.
    I'll check out the other photos too.

  3. Hey, there ARE photos of me. Like this one. Everyone else was busy cooking and drinking that evening. :P


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