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Saturday, 7 October 2006

How good in your hearing?

Apparently there's a sound which no "adult" can hear. Kids in the UK have been using it as a ringtone, so they can recieve calls in school and their teacher wont know.

It's based on the fact that your hearing degrades over time, although I can hear it and so can Cheryl (and technically we're too old) .. so i'm interested to see if you guys can too.

Click here to listen to a wav of the file. Then let us all know if you hear anything.


  1. Well if you are too old what does that make me? I could hear it. Carolynn said there is a kid in her class with it and he got told off by one of the three teachers in the classroom - I think she is about the same age as you guys. There is one teacher who is older than me and one is younger, about your age again I think, and neither of them can hear it. But what an annoying sound!

  2. Yeah, I can hear it too. Actually, I read in some local paper that it was pretty much bollocks - lots of people from all ages could hear it, and it was really just a publicity stunt by some ringtone provider to trick kids into signing up so they could have the "adult proof" ringtone.

    Which pretty much SOUNDS about right, considering our experiences HEAR.

  3. nope, it's not a publicity stunt. It's just a fact of life - as we get older, our sensitivity to high frequency sounds decreases.

    The "ring tone" is at 17,000 Hz (I think).. it was initially designed by shop-owners who didn't want young people hanging around being a nuisance. Then some enterprising young teens made it into a ring tone. (yes, we had it in our shows for a term or two this year)

    Interestingly, there ARE people older than 30 who can hear it and there ARE people younger than 30 who cannot hear it..

    anyway.. my 2 cents..

  4. Well, we've all grown up with fairly low environmental noise around us, so maybe that's why we're lucky enough to still be able to hear higher frequencies. And and our Mutant X gene that gives us all super hearing (but bad eyesight.. it's always a trade-off)

  5. had to laugh at that Mutant X comment Damien - does that mean Dayna will lose her hearing first, since she has the best eyesight of the 4 of us?
    Dayna, I think Glenn called it a publicity stunt because while partially true, it is not really "adult proof"... even the ads here say "no adult can hear it" which obviously is not true, but tricks kids into paying $5 a week or so for this high frequency ring tone (which they don't play in the ad like they do other ring tones) I would be interested in the "fine print" of the company involved, since technically it is false advertising - just ask the kid who gets in trouble in Carolynn's class! The ad says "your teacher won't hear it"!!

  6. I couldn't hear anything.


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