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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 4 September 2006

Not Well

Hi all,
Dad and I are both not well. Whatever it was hit us both on Friday night, and we've spent most of the weekend resting. We've got into the doctor this afternoon, so I hope we get something more than "It's a virus so we can't give you anything". We both seem a little improved today and I think I'm actually hungry now. It's been a weekend of minimum food. The bathroom looks like a chemists, and we've used up the chesty cough syrup.
I had to ring Lisa to say don't bring the children although it was father's Day. I'd hate them to get this. I hope Adam enjoyed his second father's day.
We got the text message Dayna. Glad you had a lovely weekend.
Damien rang to let us know he's also been sick. He did call in a doctor and was told"its a virus etc"
Glenn what did your last posting mean? Do you have a new phone number?
I've taken two days off work at the moment. Really bad timing since I was doing extra hours while a workmate is off after an operation. I hope I'm right by Wednesday.


  1. We both hope you guys get well soon too! I've taken today off work, but i'll be back tomorrow i reckon.. still, as i said to Dad, better to have this happen now than in three weeks when we're all on our way to Kangaroo Island.

  2. get better soon!!

    it's a shame to get sick on the weekend.. actually, it's just a shame to get sick! hope everyone gets better and is jumping around asap!


  3. I'm feeling your pain -- I'm sick too! At home today, said I was going to be working but really not feeling up to it (so I'm posting comments on the bandwagon instead!). So I hope you're both feeling better and the doc could give you something to help the nasty virus disappear.

    Ooops forgot about Fathers' Day AGAIN! We went to Stirling (the national Wallace monument) this weekend and then just forgot when we got back Sunday night. Sorry, Dad!

    I've deleted the phone post. It was an email from Warrick, so not sure why it got posted to the bandwagon ... meh, who can understand these computer things?


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