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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 7 August 2006

Header from Lisa and Certificate from Japan

Hi all,

I've added Lisa and Jared's footy header.

Also, on Sunday we finally recieved our certificates from Japan. Here I am looking rather pleased to have it :) You probably can't see, but it has my name printed in english, and next to that what i assume is my name in katakana.


  1. woohoo... thankyou! now there's a header by me, i feel so special LOL

    yay for you getting your certificate too :)


  3. Hi Jared,

    I know how you feel. I don't like working on a header for several hours only to have someone complain about some minor detail they don't agree with. And I'm sure Uncle Glenn felt the same when you complained about having fairy wings in his header. It's good to realise how other people feel :) Don't worry though, you guys have done a great job on your header, and I'm sure nobody would complain anyway!

    Also, it's important to realise that using capital letters LIKE THIS on the internet is seen as yelling. Many people consider it to be rude, so to be on the safe side i suggest making sure you don't write in all capital letters.

    Just a little "Netiquette" for you there ;)

  4. Ooh! Nice header! I especially like the lion & bull dog on Glenn & Dee's tops. The detail is great! :) Unfortunately though I don't follow the footy, so I don't know who is wearing which team's jersy (this isn't a complaint :) Lisa & Jared, could you list them? or can anyone else name them all?

    They are good tips, Damien. And that photo turned out really well. You can tell we had some very nice weather over the weekend :)

  5. I missed out on the 200th posting, so I'll at least comment on it.
    Love the footy tops.Adam is Port Power, and Trinity Hawthorn.Nana and Jared are Richmond, Les is Carlton and I am St Kilda.
    Great to see Dayna last weekend. She had such a long lonely drive, but we loved catching up. We all went to see Jared's footy match on Saturday, then came here for tea. Nana and I went to see Carolynn in Cinderella on Wednesday. She had several parts including a solo dance as the pumpkin.Dad has finished at Hay for a couple of weeks and is enjoying being home I think. This comment is more like a post.

  6. To continue(after another look)
    Lisa is Essendon, Glenn Brisbane Lions, Dee Bulldogs,Dayna Collingwood, Cheryl, Adelaide Crows and Damien Melbourne.

  7. and Carolynn is Sydney :)

  8. Fancy missing you Carolynn. Sorry.
    Congratulations on the cool certificate Damien.

  9. heheh.. i like it! Good work Jared and Lisa.

    i particularly like that my hair is all black (like it is really.. at the moment)..
    and i'm happy to wear the magpies.. rrrraaaaaarrrrr (that's supposed to be a maggie call).. ;)

    and damien, i apologise if i've made you feel grumpy after spending lots of time on the headers (like with the world cup one.. ..oops)..

    i think all of the headers are fantastic, and i often show my friends - cos i think they're really really cool!

    good work, family!

    *big hugz*


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